Asavie and Control bring IoT tech to performance motorsport

Image: David Merrett - Flickr
Alex Stockwell

New IoT systems from Ireland’s Asavie set to put endurance motorsport racers in pole position

As all the big players of the mobile industry gather for the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it’s revealed that Irish tech firm Asavie is teaming up with Control Ltd to provide a new solution that’s focusing on the world of high performance motorcar racing.

Asavie are considered leaders when it comes to all things relating to Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, which, combined with Control Ltd’s cellular networking experience, makes them a perfect match for figuring out the next stage of telemetry technology.

Instant, reliable telemetry information is obviously quite vital in the world of motor racing, where winners and losers are separated by mere milliseconds, making this new solution a potential game changer.

Every little counts

In order to shave off valuable time, the engineering teams behind most motorsports rely totally on monitoring detailed aspects of vehicle and driver performance, and the closer to real-time, the better.

The partnership between Asavie and Control will see Control’s TLM-Pro Telemetry Modem being paired with Asavie’s secure IoT connectivity service to bring racetrack coverage, over-the-air updates, and car-to-cloud connectivity to events such as the European Le Mans Series and FIA World Endurance Championship.

Nathan Sanders, chief technology officer and founder of Control, says;

Endurance Racing is a high-performance environment where teams are continually looking for the competitive edge that can make the difference come race time…Our software is constantly evolving based on feedback from testing, racing and working with teams and manufacturers.

This software can be delivered over the air ensuring the car’s device stays up to date and has the latest features.

Asavie chief executive Ralph Shaw added that this new deal between the companies is strengthening their existing relationship, and that there’s plenty to look forward to ahead.

The potential implications for improved telemetry technology aren’t limited to motorsport alone, and include industries such as precision farming, cybersecurity and emergency response.

Also, this isn’t the only news coming out of Asavie, as they’re also using their platform at the Mobile World Congress 2018 to announce that they are bringing their Industrial IoT Accelerator Kit to allow others to use get more IoT-enabled projects up and running.

Out-of-the-box solutions means IoT for everyone

Asavie have now developed an Industrial IoT Accelerator Kit in collaboration with Dell and EpiSensor.

The kit uses Asavie’s PassBridge IoT Connectivity management platform in conjunction with Dell’s Edge Gateway and industrial sensors from EpiSensor, making it suitable for a wide range of applications including energy management, predictive maintenance, utilities and asset monitoring.

The specifics of how companies will adopt this kind of tech remains to be seen, but essentially, the markets are ensuring that information and data are shared universally and in record-breaking time.

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