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Clique announces initial $10 million investment in strategic drive in to the Australian market

Today, Clique launches our presence half a world away in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

We are delighted to announce that our newest non-U.S. office is in Melbourne’s York Butter Factory with an initial mission to grow our local team to some 50 salespeople, engineers, and support staff to successfully underpin our commitment to the Asia-Pac region.

Considering all the opportunities we see to improve the enterprise communications ecosystem in the region, the sky’s the limit.

Props to Financial Review’s Yolanda Redrup who managed to buttonhole Andy Powers, our CEO, earlier today catching him in a typically upbeat and ebullient mood:

“We’re a bootstrapped start-up, but we press into new opportunities and we have an aggressive leadership and innovation style and that’s carried us through to being the billion-dollar company we are today. I believe we’ll be worth well more than $100 billion as we take over the market.”

Redrup went on to nail the key driver as to why we are doing this;

“Mr Powers has travelled Down Under five times in the past year in anticipation of the expansion to Australia and he said he was drawn to the market because it had strong banking, insurance and retail sectors, similar to the U.S., as well as a developing community of app developers and ‘tech forward thinkers’.”

And why not? Australia plays a pivotal rôle in the economic axis in the Asia-Pacific region, and continues to punch above its weight, as we reported earlier today, with another tech firm partnering with the Melbourne’s RMIT University to help birth the next generation of digital talent.

Initially, we have committed to $10 million to invest in our Australian operations but the commitment doesn’t stop there. In theory, the available capital is open-ended as we seek partners, JVs, and start up talent that will help us on this growth trajectory, as Andy pointed out to Financial Review

“We’re looking for opportunities with start-ups that are in voice, video or messaging, that will drive value above and beyond connecting the call in a timely and efficient manner,”

“It will be things like transcription artificial intelligence, so the ability to take notes in real time during a call. Our vision is to connect conversations that matter. In banking, voice authentication is also interesting.”

We’ll leave the penultimate word to Mike Butcher, Editor-at-Large at TechCrunch, who tweeted;

Last word goes to Philip Dalidakis MP who is Minister for Trade & Investment, Innovation & the Digital Economy and Small Business in the Victoria state legislature, and who sported a historically cool rainbow tie for the occasion. (Philip, mate. Sorry. Next time, we’ll hire a proper photographer.)

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