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Pipedrive: a rising startup made up of great people


Award-winning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) company leveraging inspiring individuals

Pipedrive is based in New York City and Tallinn, Estonia, but its software is being used by more than 30,000 organizations worldwide.

Pipedrive's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system was designed to help users categorize and organize their deals. It can prove particularly useful for small sales teams and venture funds who wish to optimize their collaboration and business operations.

The software is highly customizable, allowing individual companies to tailor its tools in order to fit their own sales and funding processes (e.g. contact stages, team members, activity types, etc.). Organizations can also decide to only use some features of the software, and activate more at a later stage. The CliqueFund is a satisfied user of their software.

Pipedrive was recently ranked #1 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program in America and was ranked as the #1 Breakout NYC Startup by The Farm in November 2016.

The startup was also named Best Employer 2016 in Estonia, and The Europas named it Best Enterprise SaaS B2B Startup in 2015.

More than 30,000 International companies worldwide are already using Pipedrive's software, including Fortumo, Postmates, Mixcloud, and Discovery Channel.

A fascinating aspect of Pipedrive is that it was created by individuals who worked in sales for many years, and who are well familiar with the needs of sales teams. After working as sales managers for some time, two of its co-founders realised that many existing CRM systems were not accommodating the needs of salespeople.

Therefore, in 2010, they partnered up with developers to create Pipedrive, hoping to create a new system that would put the needs of salespeople first, while still providing the crucial data that managers need.

Six years later, Pipedrive is now providing an extremely efficient CRM system that simplifies the work of sales people.

But Pipedrive's innovative software and approach is due in no small part to the inspiring individuals that make up its team. Pipedrive's Courteney Cannon is one such leader.

Cannon not only manages a Sales team in the United States, but she also takes the time to give back to her local community. She tells us she is very passionate about "supporting local farmers, living a sustainable lifestyle, food education and making healthy, affordable food available to all NYers by donating to and supporting local markets." She volunteers and advocates for GrowNYC and City Harvest inspiring others on her team and around the world to give their time and effort to these organizations and others that they are passionate about.

Pipedrive has employees of over 20 different nationalities and with a variety of different skills and a wealth of expertise.

In a short period of time, it has established itself as one of the leading startups in its field. As a customer, CliqueFund and Clique are excited to see how the company and its talented and inspirational employees grown in the coming year..

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