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Keeping up with the Jetsons. How to make your home smart enough to talk to


As another promise from the golden age of sci-fi is fulfilled, we'll set you right on path to Home 2.0

Those personalized hover-packs might not quite be A Thing (yet), but we are way beyond the tipping-point for home automation. And, as the "wow" factor of domestic-based systems continues to evolve, the costs are bringing Home 2.0 within more and more families' reach.

Elevating your quality of life by automating your home's lights, locks, temperature, and entertainment system is what everybody's talking about. Some automation systems emphasize order and upkeep. While others simply help you stay informed about what's going on in your home. As in, did you leave the iron on? The capability to do it all hands-free, with voice-activation platforms is more great news.

Should you enlist the help of a full-service dealer or DIY?

Smart Home As a Service

Professionally installed home automation systems are sometimes called "smart home as a service" or SHaaS. These all-in-one, "seamless connectivity" solutions are offered by experienced dealers. If you go this way, the provider you choose takes care of everything. That means you don't have to think about hardware, software or customer support. You're all set.

While there are large upfront costs for automating your home, it's a big investment so you will want to choose a solid partner for guidance. Custom computer programming and wiring are complicated jobs. Working with a dealer, means you'll have help navigating the complexities of installation. Whether you choose to go with whole-house automation, or just an automated security system, hiring a full-service solutions partner is a tremendous asset.

Remember, we're talking about the quality of your home life. Help from a professional will ease the process and your transition.

DIY Systems

The other, less expensive (and less complete) option is a DIY home automation system from your local home improvement or electronics store. These are essentially kits to be used with leading smart home products and accessories, and come with tutorials and warranty support. If you choose this option, you're committing to a lot more planning and research legwork. And if time is money, that's really something to consider, too.


Equipment compatibility is one less thing to think about when you work with a home-automation dealer. Essentially they act as resellers to install the most current equipment on the market. The best ones partner with hundreds of brands. This is important if you have a favorite brand you want to include in your system. Your dealer will know which products are compatible, and those that offer the features you want. You're paying for their experience and market expertise.


Your home life and routine will probably change. So your automated system dealer should be able to evaluate and satisfy your current needs, but also should provide a range of solutions for what's next. You're looking for an automation partner with a "no project is too big" mindset. You also want software that is fully customizable.

Voicing your concerns.

There are a number of voice control platforms for home automation systems. Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, and Google's Google Assistant are major players in the smart home universe. Each has its own set of pros and cons. Read reviews, and be ready for a certain amount of trial and error. Remember it's still fairly early days with this technology. You have to be patient, while everything syncs up and the bugs get worked out. Your dealer will know how to help.

Taking the first step with a dealer. Deciding who should install your home automated system.

Choose a dealer who is willing to help you brainstorm about the features you want within the realms of control, security, utilities and AV. Home security companies offer the first three, but have nothing to do with entertainment capabilities. Your dealer should be open to collaborating.

After all, if you already had all the answers, you wouldn't need their services. Once you work together to find your focus, you'll form a plan based on what want, and they'll help you get what you need.

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