Your 2-minute guide to Clique API and how we empower businesses anywhere and everywhere

Voice, where you want it

Clique's CPaaS APIs and products bring HD quality voice where consumers and business want it. Clique's easy to use SDKs and APIs make it easy for businesses to provide secure and efficient communications by integrating voice, messaging, and other technologies across multiple platforms and end points. Our platform makes it possible to use voice regardless of format, application environment, operating system, device, or location.

The platform

In a nutshell, Clique's APIs power all of our consumer and enterprise solutions. Our Enterprise CPaaS APIs are comprehensively documented and supported by our world-class engineering team to provide the custom implementations that CIOs and product managers need.

Our SDKs enable companies to make use of the advanced feature set and expansive integrations available through our APIs. Developers of cutting-edge applications are using Clique's APIs to add HD voice to VR/AR systems, game engines, and collaboration platforms such as Slack and Teams.

Who are our users?

We have 20 million users in 150 countries who are communicating over 500 million minutes per month across hundreds of enterprises.

Building our team

We're revolutionizing communications by building a team of engineers, sales professionals and problem-solvers who share our vision.

You can see our current job openings here. We are always interested in getting in contact with motivated people, irrespective of current openings and we can be reached at

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