Our must-read tidbits for Voice Tech professionals

A full week into March and there is an unmistakable whiff of spring in the air. Voice tech has a spring in its step too, and here's whistle-stop tour of what has especially caught our eye over the last seven days - and a piece about exploding popcorn. Just because...

Ultra high-speed cameras and the art of making popcorn look epic

Clique: Following the same line of the 'soda + Mentos' viral classic and the more recent Hydraulic Press channel, a recent YouTube video shows the unseen details of what happens when our favorite cinema snack explodes into life. The video is a mesmerizing showcase of what the new high-speed camera Phantom v2512, manufactured by New Jersey-based tech company Vision Research, is capable of achieving. Read More

Robo-Lawyers and the rise of chatbots

Clique: DoNotPay, a fast-developing Facebook Messenger chatbot that was originally created to assist people in overturning parking fines, is now helping refugees with their applications for asylum in the US, Canada, and the UK. The bot provides that basic legal support that could make a real difference in whether an application for asylum is rejected or approved. In a world where too many people require legal advice but are unable to afford the sometimes astronomical lawyers' fees that come with it, free robot lawyers such as this one could be a real game changer. Read More

MWC Barcelona. All the highlights from the 2017 edition

Clique: Last week, more than 100,000 attendees from all around the world flooded the halls of the annual Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. Although the event started off as the world's meeting place for the mobile industry, this year's event appeared to be a little less focused on actual mobile phones. All the key players were there, except for Apple, who generally launches its products at its own events. At the event, representatives from the mobile industry unveiled new products such as upcoming phones and wearables, as well as news about 5G and the IoT. Read More

Celebrate the death of the phrasebook with some smart, wearable tech

Clique: An NYC voice tech startup aims to bring us all a little closer together by finally bringing to market its five-language, instant translation app and in-ear wearable. There's an air of "science fiction becomes science fact" about this, but it also points the way as to how far voice recognition will conceivably take us. Read More

USA credit union members to bank through voice interaction technologies

Co-operative News: Credit unions across the US are soon to allow members to conduct routing online or mobile banking actions using voice commands. This was part of the Financial Innovations Voice Experience (FIVE) initiative, developed by Best Innovation Group (BIG). The service will allow customers to inquire about their account balance or pending payments, report a lost or stolen card, change address, request an additional account or make payments using voice technology. Read More

A new chip makes voice control more efficient, less creepy,

WIRED: A new chip could help maximize smartphone battery life by reducing the energy taken up by voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri and Google Assistants. Generally, voice assistants use the cloud to process voice commands, but the MIT chip is able to take on most of this process, reducing the energy spent by other components and hence saving battery power. This could mean that manufacturers will be able to use cheaper processors and increase efficiency of their products. Read More

IBM speech recognition is on the verge of super-human accuracy

Business Insider: Within the field of speech recognition software development, companies aim to create software with error rates falling around or below 5.1%, which is considered to match human abilities. IBM announced it has become the first to achieve an error rate of 5.5% with its speech recognition software, breaking its former record of 6.9%. This appears to be the best result achieved so far in speech recognition accuracy and suggests that Artificial Intelligence could soon lead to machines that recognize speech as much as humans. Read More

Voice Recognition is a potential tool to use in the EHR

Diagnostic Imaging: Voice recognition is finding a new place within the healthcare sector as a way to communicate a patient's story for Electronic Health Records (EHRs). EHRs are digital real-time records containing a patient's health information that help doctors access these data promptly whenever needed. For doctors that are less able with technology or prefer using dictation to typing information into a computer, voice recognition is becoming a useful tool to record patient information. Read More

How voice technology is shaping the future of search marketing

Business2Community: Searching online using voice technology is becoming the go-to way of accessing info. Google says that 20% of mobile queries are now voice searches and this number is likely to grow. From a search marketing perspective, voice technology could truly change everything. This means that marketers will have to conduct new research to understand how people use voice searches, in order to adapt and update their tools so they are applicable to voice searches. Read More

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