Ten must-read tidbits for Voice Tech professionals

We have been busy this week. In fact, everyone has been rushed off their feet, so at least we know that we are probably not alone. The entire voice tech sector seems like it is on steroids - here are ten stories from us and around the web to kinda prove that point!

Vidyo Announce CPaaS 2.0 Cloud Embedded Video

Clique: All eyes are on Vidyo.io, a new cloud-based method for delivering embedded video developed by Vidyo. This updated version of the service uses the internet for sending video and making conference calls in a way that allows applications to run simultaneously. This should result in "dramatically optimized video" for all parties participating on a call. Read More

Verizon tests 5G but don't break out the champagne just yet

Clique: Verizon has just announced its first steps towards the insanely fast 5G universal internet. The company said that they would start rolling out 5G trials in homes and offices around 11 cities within the next four months. But, with the ambiguity of what actually constitutes 5G at this stage, plus the fact that current tech might not yet be as advanced as telecommunication companies would have you believe, how much of this is more hype than actual progress for consumers? Read More

Just what the doctor ordered. MRI with a side of sweet VR

Clique: For many people, MRI scans can be really frightening for a number of reasons. While the experience can be traumatic for adults, children undergoing a scan may be even more disturbed, having a hard time understanding exactly what's going on. Luckily, a new VR-based solution from a hospital in Britain may help alleviate anxiety for children undergoing an MRI scan. Read More

Are unified communications (UC) finally killing off email?

Clique: Decades after their appearance on the desktop, emails are being edged out in the workplace by unified communications. Let's face it, email is no longer the most efficient tool to communicate, whether professionally or personally. In order to collaborate effectively, we need apps that allow us to keep up with the workflow and continuously communicate with each other...without having to navigate through the cyber-sewer of our least-hated email program. Read More

Google is introducing 'Meet': a Hangouts conferencing tool for businesses

Clique: Google might have 'accidentally' unveiled its new enterprise communication app 'Meet by Hangouts'. The app, which allows for HD video conferences with up to 30 participants, was live for a few hours on the App Store before being mysteriously pulled, but the URL version of the service is still live. Google could be announcing the app to the public shortly, officially entering the race for the development of enterprise video communication apps. Read More

Amazon deepens university ties in artificial intelligence race

Reuters: Amazon launched a program that involves students in the development of new features for its voice-controlled assistant, Alexa. The company said it is paying for a year of doctoral fellowship at four universities: Carnegie Mellon, John Hopkins, the University of Southern California and the University of Waterloo (Canada). The 'Alexa Fund Fellows' will discuss technology problems related to the company's AI assistant Alexa in class. Read More

Just Eat: voice technology will make your phone as good as a human

Campaign: Speaking to an audience at the 4YFN event in Barcelona, Fernando Fanton, chief product and technology officer at Just Eat, said that the food-delivery service is working on new voice-technology integrations for its app. Fanton predicted that notable improvements in voice interfaces are on their way, and Just Eat hopes to use this new technology to recreate a food ordering experience that is similar to visiting a restaurant. Read More

Amazon Developing Advanced Voice-Recognition for Alexa

Fortune: According to anonymous sources interviewed by TIME magazine, Amazon has been developing a feature that could allow Alexa to distinguish between the voices of different users. This feature would work by matching the person speaking to a "voice print", verifying their identity. In future, this would allow the assistant to only allow access to certain commands or information to some users, by analyzing speakers' voices. Read More

Google's digital assistant comes to new Android phones

CNBC: Google announced that it will be extending the use of its digital assistant, originally limited to the company's products, to all smartphones running on the latest versions Android. Google Assistant will be available for all smartphone U.S. users with Android 7.0 Nougat and 6.0 Marshmallow installed on their phones, starting from this week. Read More

Domino's serves up voice assistant and automation for franchisees

CIO & The Verge: Even something as easy as ordering Pizza can now be done through voice commands. Domino's customers in Australia are finally able to order pizza by speaking or typing to a bot. This technology is also available in the US, where Amazon Echo users are now able to order food at Domino's by talking to their voice assistant Alexa. Read More

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