A new Bitcoin-fuelled VoIP service closes the privacy loop

Image: Zach Copely - Flickr
Alex Stockwell

A new, anonymous “Disposable Bitcoin VoIP” phone service now available to Android users

Demand for VoIP is on the up, and developers are continuously finding new ways to address the issues of privacy, security, and functionality. A bold new Andriod app has emerged that promises to offer full VoIP-based services that are paid in Bitcoin. It claims to be offering users anonymity and accessibility anywhere in the world.

Yet, with some investors claiming the future of bitcoin is set to explode, are these kinds of services a trend that’s likely to gain traction? Or will the risks associated with cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin) put off too many potential users?

At this, stage nobody can be sure. But regardless, it’s always interesting to cast an over at the ever-changing landscape of VoIP. But first, why not reacquaint ourselves with the parallel world of bitcoin?

Bitcoin – the choice you can trust?

For those unfamiliar, essentially Bitcoin is an electronic payment system that bypasses the need for an intermediary such as a bank, and instead, allows for peer-to-peer financial transactions between anyone, anywhere in the world.

The benefits of such a system include minimal transaction fees and cheap exchange rates between international currencies, as well as privacy when making purchases.

However, despite all these apparent benefits, bitcoin is mostly associated with all manner of nefarious activities, typically to do with the purchase of drugs and weapons on the dark web. Additionally, the safety of using bitcoin is sometimes called into question as hackers and scammers are continuously coming up with new ways to steal from users..

In spite of this, the Global Bitcoin Technology Market shows no signs of slowing down, and is in many ways transforming global finance as well as informing and influencing new communication technologies.

Introducing the Disposable Bitcoin VoIP phone….

The Disposable Bitcoin VoIP phone Android app is one such example of a new approach to VoIP communications, and is now available from the Google Play Store.

It works by setting up bitcoin users all over the world with a free app with text and voice minutes that can be paid for using Bitcoin. It also provides users with a second phone number that can be used on any Android device.

There are no roaming charges, and at this stage, all US, Canadian and UK phone numbers are supported with more apparently due to be added in the future. Various different options for rates are available, including pay-as-you-go, and works when connected via Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G or LTE.

As with any VoIP, this can make for a much cheaper alternative for businesses, as well as travellers looking to remain connected without those often crippling roaming-charges. With that second phone number, it also provides an arguably much safer space when meeting with people on sites like dating platforms, Craigslist, or Ebay.

Whether or not the Disposable Bitcoin VoIP phone is likely to be a success remains to be seen, but having a new option for users of cryptocurrencies keeps people guessing, and can potentially lead to all new forms of transactions and applications.

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