Intelligent, natural, speech-based CRM. Be smarter and look smarter

Image: Rory McLeod - Flickr

Intuitive, responsive, voice-centric computing is set to take Customer Relationship Management to a whole new level.

This much, we all know. But selling in Intelligent Speech Based Computing to upper management can be tough. Between the initial and sizeable investment in CRM and the potential difficulty to get end-user adoption, adding more to the CRM tech budget might be difficult. But sometimes, all it takes is a few simple use case scenarios to make the real world implications and potential ROI clear and open up the conversation.

It’s CRM on steroids

Intelligent Speech Based Computing takes Voice Controlled CRM, and Customer Service to a whole new level. Imagine that you’re the COO of a major airline and 500 of your flights have been canceled. In a traditional scenario, your Call Center would be flooded with upset customers. But with a Natural Intelligent Speech Based Computing CRM System your disaster is mediated.

Predictive, evidential, and deductive

Instead of just routing calls and making simple transactions, this new technology has predictive, evidential, and deductive reasoning. It will support complex “what-if” analysis and hypothesis generation and evaluation. In real world terms, that means the system will call your customers – proactively give customers choice of new flights, rooms to spend the night, even arrange transportation and then text new itineraries to customers and their families.

A system that “listens”

Context Aware Natural Speech Based Computing will revolutionize how companies handle complaints. This example is a great way to explain how it might work. You’ve launched a new product with a bug. More than 300 calls hit your Help Desk. Instead of opening tickets, and grappling with issues, Help Desk Software with Intelligent Natural Speech Based Computing, can simultaneously listen to all the complaints, automatically analyze what your customers are saying, and identify the problem.

Using A.I. and Big Data, the system communicates the issue to engineering. Seconds later, the bug is fixed, a patch is downloaded, and the firmware is updated, and not just for the customers who called, but for everyone.

The CRM of the future, for your business now Using A.I., Machine Learning, and advanced Natural Language Processing, these new Context Aware Intelligent Natural Speech Based Computing systems will enable CRM to be more effective.

And this is not the future, most popular business application software including Salesforce, Pipeline and Zoho have Voice Tech integrations that will leave your customers speechless and upper management impressed.

Not only will enterprises be smarter (and more profitable because they are more agile and lighter on their feet), but they will also seem smarter. And, in a world where outward-facing appearances impact deeply upon brand saliency and customer loyalty, that can only be a good thing.

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